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Alyssa and Peter

Saved $33,570 Selling with Blossom Valley Specialists in San Jose, CA

"Our Blossom Valley Specialist was truly full service and we also had so much information about the transaction through our seller portal, it was really comforting. We never imagined these tools existed, we had full control to confirm showings, unlock the doors wirelessly and even monitor showing visits all through our private Nestcam - From our phones!"

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Most Advanced Real Estate System Today

Created with a clear goal in mind, offer the most advanced home selling tools designed for the modern homeseller

Home Rehab Program

We remodel, We Stage, We Sell & You Keep The Profit!

In Control Wherever You Are

We believe you should know as much as your agent. Blossom Valley Seller Lounge gives you all the tools anytime from virtually anywhere.

Private NestCam® Account

Monitor all home showings from your very own, private Nest Cam®. Take the tour and keep an eye at the same time

Blossom Valley Specialists Online Offer Tool

Some services only submit the offers they choose. With Blossom Valley Specialists you receive all the offers directly. No more "misplaced" competitive offers.

Blossom Valley Specialists Showing Appointment Request App®

Finally a way to take back control of your own home. Prevent last minute "unexpected" drop-ins and offer flexibility for potential buyers.

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Explore some of our services, learn about our technology and experience the new real estate with Blossom Valley Specialists

Full Service Brokerage

Blossom Valley Specialists is a Full Service Modern Real Estate Brokerage. We believe that modern technology and complete transparency will allow us to better serve a more informed home seller. We are dedicated to offering the most cutting edge technology and services we have specifically developed with the home seller in mind.

Private Nestcam

Our Smarthome upgrade offers you a private nest came security monitoring system. Now you can maintain complete control of all of your home visits and monitor all showings live.

On Demand Open House

With Blossom Valley Specialists's "On-Demand Open House" All buyers can have the opportunity to view the home with much greater flexibility and security.

Automated Intelligence

Blossom Valley Specialists's Automated Intelligence is and advanced workflow algorithm that enables 90% of the home selling process to be automated with specifically designed milestones in a failsafe method with your expert Blossom Valley Specialists Agent that allows for a smooth and effortless transaction.

Home Rehab

Why sell your home at a discount and lose thousands? With Blossom Valley Specialists's Home Rehab Service we help you become your own home flipper and you keep all your profits. We remodel the home with no out of pocket costs to you. We handle the renovation, we sell for you and you increase and keep your profits.

Smart Wireless Locks

Blossom Valley Specialists's Smarthome Control System, upgrades your home to an online wireless door lock, and complete private nest came security monitoring system. Now you can maintain complete control of all of your home visits and monitor all showings live.

Online Showing Request Tool

Blossom Valley Specialists's Online Showing Request Tool Finally offers home owners the balance and control between all home showing requests at the click of a button and preventing inconvenient last minute "drop-ins".

Seller Property Portal

Your Property Portal is key to the full home seller suite of services. All properties are custom designed a property portal where all the homes details and reports are provided at a glance and allow for simple home showing requests at the click of a button

Multi-Stage Auction

Blossom Valley Specialists's Multi-stage auction service is one of several ways we increase the home owners profits. Once the seller asking price has been reached the home owner has the option to activate the open bidding system and display all competitive bidding details.

Online Offer Submittal

With your Online Offer Submittal Tool all offers from all agents or direct buyers are directly uploaded on the property portal. All offers are designed to be sent directly to the home owner through his private account thus eliminating the common and unfair practice of "ignored competitive offers"

Open Communication Platform

With our Open Communication Platform every property in Blossom Valley Specialists's system is assigned a dedicated phone number, email and text number. Blossom Valley Specialists are required to maintain ALL communication about your transaction through this customized accounts.

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Chat live with our agents today - Any question any time. Blossom Valley Specialits are your local agents. We live and work in Blossom Valley just like you.

Increase Your Profits

Create more demand for your home by remodeling and increasing your curb appeal

Reduce Costs

Reduce fees to sell and keep all the additional profits.

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